quoteThe paintings belong to the school of New Zealand artists whose realist subjects are heightened in effect by an intense clear light that gives the objects and the landscape a metaphysical significance and tries to load even a chair with meaning.

– T.J.McNamara
Auckland Herald

quoteHis echoing interiors, with their Morandiish still life and their arid vistas, belong with a New Zealand bleak school. This school favours a puritan depersonalisation of the scene, a surreal vacancy in the surroundings and a highly professional realist sheen on the painting.

– Ian Wedde
The Evening Post


Built up with layers of transparent acrylic paint they contain all the realism and stark reality that this mode of painting requires. And each painting breathes the air and stillness. The New Zealand romantic movement will not lie down and die while we have Neil Driver in our midst.

– Alva Bett
The Dominion